PerCo is een Human Resources dienstverlener. Tot onze activiteiten behoren beleidsadvies, kwaliteitsvolle opleidings- en coachingstrajecten en het faciliteren van werkgroepen en workshops.

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Book Around Leadership – Patrick Vermeren

Around LSAfter years of intensive literature review, Patrick Vermeren has astonishingly managed to bring a very ambitious project to a successful conclusion. Few academics can resist the pressure to publish and therefore rarely succeed outside their ivory towers. Conversely, few consultants take the time to delve into the scientific literature for new developments. Consequently, when they emerge from their training, academics and consultants are each in their own way ‘unworldly. ’ With this book, consultant Patrick Vermeren builds the much-needed bridge between these two worlds and dares to question both himself and the scientific literature while warning against confirmation bias. In a smooth, highly entertaining, and scientifically sound manner, Patrick Vermeren communicates knowledge through this book that will excite both consultants and academics. What is a good leadership style? How do executives key in on employee motivation? These are the central questions in the book that will no doubt be a source of inspiration for managers who want to optimise their leadership style.

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PerCo is een dienstverlener inzake Human Resources. Tot onze activiteiten behoren beleidsadvies kwaliteitsvolle opleidings- en coachingstrajecten (zowel aan individuen als groepen) en het faciliteren van werkgroepen en workshops.